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There’s an old saying that you can always tell a cobbler’s kids by the poor state of their shoes. The same principle is sometimes true of web developers. I’m in the process of repurposing this site. My service offerings and an updated portfolio will soon be available at PaperFrog Interactive. In the meantime, feel free to contact me directly to discuss your needs. And thanks for your patience.

I build and develop sites on the WordPress platform. And I can build one for you.

WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. It’s a tremendously flexible tool, suitable for everything from personal blogs to busy news portals and business sites serving millions of readers each month.

Simplicity matters

I’ve always developed websites from the perspective of someone who also publishes online every day. One of my primary writing topics is simplicity, and I quickly learned how important this quality is for web publishers.

If you’re a business, WordPress puts you in direct control of your online identity. Any employee capable of handling a word processor can publish attractive, up-to-date content with minimal training. Unlike many proprietary content systems, WordPress is free software. This means that once you have a developed site, it’s yours. While I can be retained as a content or technical consultant, you are otherwise free from expensive monthly service subscriptions and annual license fees.

If you’re a blogger, a well-conceived WordPress installation and theme design means you spend your time writing, rather than fiddling with the mechanics of publishing. WordPress is powerful and simple enough to allow you to control and tweak your site without extensive technical knowledge, and with a minimum of hassle.

Beautiful, effective websites

Simplicity is for readers and customers, too. When a visitor first comes to your website, they’re not reading — they’re scanning. This is where clean and modern layout is essential.

All of the sites I develop, from my own to those of my clients, are designed for readability from the ground up. Clear typography, a minimum of distractions, and logical arrangement of content are the hallmarks of a useful and successful website. Some recent projects:

Medical Marijuana Markets screenshotMedical Marijuana Markets: A high-visibility, high-traffic site built for See Change Strategy, an independent financial news and analysis firm. This site had to be sufficiently robust to handle simultaneous traffic referrals from Time Magazine, the New York Times, the Huffington Post, and numerous U.S. and international press agencies. It features third-party secure e-commerce, an integral blog, showcases for press coverage and multimedia, and integration with a Content Delivery Network.

Ding Ding Let's Ride ScreenshotDing Ding Let’s Ride: An example of highly customized professional blog. This site was created for a Chicago bicycle blogger. Ding Ding Let’s Ride was a mature and content-rich site when the owner came to me, but she was looking for a way to better manage the volume of information being presented to readers. Her new layout includes custom masthead graphics, a distinctive “baseball card” style front page, cleaner presentation of content, and plenty of personality.

This site, ChrisBaskind.com, is another example of a professional blogging layout. Built on the Canvas framework, it’s clean, fast, and easy to scan.

May I build your next site?

Have a project in mind? If you’re ready to take control of your business’ online brand and cost of operation — or if you’re a blogger who simply must stand apart from the crowd — I’d love to discuss your needs. Basic professional blogger packages start at $500. Small business packages begin at $1500. Step right this way to my Contact page, and we can get started.