Five reasons blogs still have a future

I am sponsoring Valeria Maltoni's feed content this week at Conversation Agent. Valeria knows that while I'm a longtime user of services such as Twitter, I'm a firm believer that best online investment businesses and individuals can make is in the … [Read more]

So blue in Belmont-DeVillers

Pensacola's Belmont-DeVillers neighborhood has more than a little Blues heritage. On this summer afternoon, blue is everywhere. Shot over-the-shoulder from a moving bicycle. … [Read more]

Pensacola Max predicts an early spring

Pensacola Max, having been roused from his sleep at the appointed hour on 2 February, 2011, did NOT see the shadow of his HAT OF PROGNOSTICATION on this wintr'y morn. THEREFORE, let it be known that Pensacola Max, with his uncanny powers of seasonal … [Read more]

More Minimal: For auld lang syne

The New Year is an appropriate time for new beginnings -- and closing out old business. I wrapped-up my previous site. More Minimal, last summer. If you're interested in such things, you can read my reasons for shuttering a perfectly good website … [Read more]